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Keep core theory relevant with ready-made course content

Expert Briefings support inspiring teaching that molds today's students into tomorrow's decision-makers.

Engage your students with content that allows them to apply their learning to unfolding global events and to try their hand at the real-world decisions facing leaders now.

Learning with Expert Briefings

Used alone, or as a supplement to teaching cases and other learning materials, Expert Briefings offer a unique way of helping your students to engage critically with theory and with the world around them, preparing them to be the decision-makers of the future.


Open students' minds with content that they can relate to


A trusted source you and your students can rely on

Practice applying theory to complex, real-world examples

Keep your teaching fresh

Using Expert Briefings can help to keep teaching cases feeling fresh and relevant in a rapidly changing world. The scenario presented in a peer-reviewed case study might be a couple of years old as soon as it is published. Expert Briefings allow you to recast the case here and now – so important in a rapidly-changing world.


PSEG and the promise of wind power
Case study from 2018 exploring the Stakeholder Power-Interest Matrix using the example of a diversified energy company based in New Jersey, USA

Biden extends slowing US nuclear sector
Political update May 2022: Graphic analysis exploring changing US energy policy

Global climate goals are on course to be missed
Scientific update April 2022: Expert Briefing summarising implications of IPCC’s latest report

Oil majors need to balance new and legacy investments
Economic update February 2022: Executive summary on how major companies areapproaching the green energy transition

Encourage debate

Executive Briefings help students think globally or to keep tabs on trends as they develop.

Assigning a recent Executive Summary (just 200 words) as pre-class reading, allows you to kick off a seminar with a discussion about what’s going on in the world right now.

Develop critical thinking and decision-making skills

Expert Briefings content is used by business and government decision-makers all over the world. Using the content in class gives students practice in using and presenting information the way they will in their future careers.

Dr Giles Alston uses Expert Briefings to bring the real world into the classroom, by challenging students to monitor developments in a particular country or region throughout the semester and think about how the changing environment affects business and government decisions. We asked him to share his experience.

Case study: Help your students contextualise business implications of current events

Dr Andrée Marie López-Fernández, business professor and researcher at the Universidad Panamericana discusses how she uses Expert Briefings for classes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as for her own research.


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