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Prepares students to become tomorrow's decision-makers, and supports researchers who want to have a real impact

Expert Briefings, powered by Oxford Analytica, give researchers and students access to the same actionable, impartial analysis used by governments and multinational organizations worldwide.

Inspired by the Presidential Daily Brief that Oxford Analytica’s founder, Dr David Young, and Henry Kissinger prepared daily for US Presidents, Expert Briefings distil data from multiple verified sources to provide actionable insights on global events as they unfold.

What are Expert Briefings?

Expert Briefings draw on insights into current events from a global network of more than 1500 academics, business leaders and former policymakers. These insights are reviewed by a team of regional and sectoral specialists, and distilled into accessible, impartial, actionable documents that help to guide strategy and decision-making.

This content, used by more than 50 national governments (including the majority of G20 administrations), and many private sector organisations is now available to academic institutions exclusively via Emerald Publishing.

New briefings are published daily with around 400 new pieces of content added each month.

Sample content

Expert Briefings content takes three different formats. You can explore each of these below.

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How are Expert Briefings created?

Expert Briefings are created by independent geopolitical analysis and advisory firm Oxford Analytica. Since 1975 they have been working to generate clear, unbiased insights from complicated, confused, and sometimes uncertain information. Here’s how they do it.


Generating clear foresight from a mass of complicated, confused and sometimes uncertain information by first separating the signal from the noise and then subjecting that to rigorous analysis.

The result is insight that is being used today to inform decisions by governments, policymakers, and business professionals.

EXBR methodology

Signal from noise leading to analytical rigour:

  • Sources on the ground
  • Official sources
  • Research studies
  • Social media
  • Databases
  • Legal and regulatory data
  • Broadcasters
  • Podcasts and papers
  • News media


  • Global expert network – Over 1,400 leading scholars, policymakers, regulators and industry experts deliver targeted insights
  • Region heads – Senior advisors steer and validate analytical coverage
  • In-house teams – Regional and sectoral specialists ensure actionable, timely and tailored analysis

Value added to analysis leading to actionable insights

Meet the experts

The more than 1500 contributors to Expert Briefings are anonymous, but you can learn about the Region Heads and Analysts who turn contributor inputs into focused and accessible briefings for you and your students on the Oxford Analytica website.

Meet the Region heads 

Forty senior members of Oxford Analytica’s network work to help identify key themes and frame questions relevant to your teaching.

Region heads are leading academics or former senior industry and government practitioners who are abreast of cutting-edge thinking on geopolitical and macroeconomic issues.

Region teams cover: Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & North Africa, North America, Russia & CIS, and International. Meet the Region Heads

Meet the Analysts

They ensure that Expert Briefings analysis is not only timely and relevant to your students but also of the highest analytical and editorial standards and presented in plain-spoken and precise English. Meet the Analysts

Learn more about the people who create Expert Briefings

Expert Briefings for research

Access to Expert Briefings content supports researchers who want their work to have real impact. When you understand the social, political and economic forces that underlie the problems you are working to solve, and how those problems are likely to develop, you can see more clearly where your research findings can make a difference.

Browse Expert Briefings now to find content relevant to your research. Search by key word, or filter by country or date of publication.

Expert Briefings for teaching

Today’s students are tomorrow’s decision-makers. Using Expert Briefings content in class allows students to apply their learning to global events as they unfold and try their hand at the real-world decisions facing leaders now.

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Access to the most current briefings published on a daily basis, as well as the full archive dating back to 2015.


One single payment provides perpetual access to all briefings published between 2015–2020.

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About Oxford Analytica

Oxford Analytica is an independent geopolitical analysis and advisory firm that draws on a worldwide network of experts to advise clients on their strategies, operations, policies and investments. Founded in 1975 as the pioneer in the industry of geopolitical risk, Oxford Analytica now works with the world’s most influential businesses, governments and international organisations.

Listen to an interview with Nick Redman (Editor in Chief & Director of Analysis, Oxford Analytica) and Tony Roche (Publishing Director, Emerald Publishing), who discuss the value of Expert briefings and what this partnership means for academia.

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