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Our mission: to help researchers and institutions better understand and tackle impact 

Impact Services is an online subscription service to support researchers in understanding and planning for impact.

It supports research offices in training researchers on impact and helps to build healthy impact cultures.

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The service consists of

Impact planner

For anyone who wants to plan, articulate and execute the impact associated with their project.

Impact skills

The language and culture of impact are immersive and, at their best, add real-world gravitas to research projects. It is also, however, magnificently nuanced and, thus, its reach depends on your precise responsibilities within the institution. Impact Services have designed a comprehensive set of learning materials to support you, regardless of your role in the research ecosystem.

Impact healthcheck

Has been designed to get everyone in their respective institutions moving to the ‘impact’ beat – ensuring it forms an integral part of their institution’s culture.

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Impact Services is a major step change for the way publishers support impact in the research sector. It not only harnesses the expertise and experience of those working with impact but reflects the realities of implementing provision within a pressurised academic environment. I have been consistently and deeply impressed by Emerald’s commitment to supporting researchers and research managers – a motivation to help the sector that’s so commonly missing from other initiatives – and am indebted to them for driving this work into practice. The value of this work is both measurable – in the changes to practice and provision – but also immeasurable in the way it supports individuals to truly feel supported to do impact.

Julie Bayley, Director of Research Impact Development at the University of Lincoln


Emerald developed Impact Services by meaningfully engaging and co-producing the content with the research community. It’s been fab being part of the process; testing out the content, challenging definitions, offering ideas and providing international context. I’ve seen how our ideas have shaped the final product and can’t wait to see it making a positive impact on the world!

Faith Welch, Research Impact Manager at The University of Auckland

Our promise and what to expect

Our mission is to improve impact literacy and support healthy practices. To do this effectively we will work closely with you to understand what’s important.

You’ll have a dedicated relationship manager and specialist customer support. We can then work together to develop a bespoke implementation plan, meet regularly to make sure you have the support you need, and that plans are on track to demonstrate the positive effects of using the service with the aim of working together to make continuous improvements. So that ultimately, research can lead to positive change.

Your impact primer

Wade Kelly’s book The Impactful Academic empowers you to build a research career that makes a difference. Here’s Wade’s quick guide to the "what, why and how" of impact.

Where did impact come from?

The concept of impact has been around for many years, but it is in the past decade that formal definitions have started to emerge.

Who are my stakeholders?

Stakeholders will vary depending on the project. Whoever your stakeholders are, your relationship with them should be based on mutual respect, equity, trust and shared goals

So how do I 'do impact'?

Impact isn’t something that you do, it’s something that you live. Impact is about your research philosophy: the belief that the new knowledge you generate must be adopted and applied to be of real value.

Cover: The Impactful Academic

Start your impact journey

Read chapter 1 of The Impactful Academic for free.

What is impact?

Impact is all about change: change of practice, policy, health outcomes; money generated or saved. Impact is about positive change for your stakeholders.

"An effect on, change or benefit to the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life, beyond academia."

– UK Research Excellence Framework (REF) –

"The contribution that research makes to the economy, society, environment or culture, beyond the contribution to academic research."

– Australian Research Council (ARC) –

Blogs & podcasts


The impactful academic podcast

Wade Kelly, Lucy Jowett and Alisha Peart, join host, Ian Boucher for an expert-led discussion for researchers and professional impact support on research impact.

Ian Boucher photo

Impact services supports planning for impact

Ian Boucher discusses how developing a strong impact plan is often key to enabling effective impact from research as we have seen in the previous blogs from this series.


Are You In? How close are we to reaching more responsible research assessment across the globe? (part 1 of 2)

Calls from the research community and initiatives like DORA, The Leiden Manifesto, and the Hong Kong Principles have gone a long way to raise awareness over the misuse of proxy measures for assessing the quality of research.…

Have we 'hit a wall' on pushing for broader metrics?

Dr Faith Welch, Research Impact Manager at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and Steve Lodge, Head of Services at Emerald Publishing, discuss what we are seeing in the sector and where we should go from here.…

Introducing Impact Services

Supporting a culture of impact – championing impact literacy.

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