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Quality education for all
Real impact
Case study: Help your students contextualise business implications of current events
Real impact
Eight lessons for how to make it through the peer-review: an editor perspective
Professor Harm-Jan Steenhuis shares some insights from an editor's perspective on how to make it through the peer-review process.
Quality education for all
Empowering students in university curriculum through Sustainable Development Goals
In his blog, Mr. Adrian LAM Man-Ho discusses how it is crucial to explore how SDGs could be embedded into the university curriculum.
Fairer society
The mediating effect of trust on consumer behaviour in social media marketing environments
Mr Aloka Karunasingha and Professor Nalin Abeysekera ask how social media marketing strategies use the concept of trust to influence consumers’ online behaviour.
Fairer society
Reframing Fox: The continuing impact of 'Beyond Contract' and 'Man Mismanagement' 50 years on
In their blog, Andy Hodder and Michael Gold discuss the work of Alan Fox and the influence it has on both the teaching and research of British industrial (or employment) relations.
Fairer society
Real impact
Philosophy, transport and fairness: the right not to drive?
Bettina Lange, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands / Nottingham, UK discusses how philosophy and transport don’t go together – or do they? Philosophy analyses assumptions and helps us rethink them.
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