Order multiple print copies of our articles with our reprints service, available through the Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink® service.

We provide an efficient service for our authors and other content users wishing to purchase high quality, multiple printed copies of published articles.

We reprint articles exactly as they appear in the original publication, demonstrating acceptance by internally renowned and respected journals.

You can add customised covers that include your company adverts, logos and contact details, or details from your professional resumé.

You can order reprints to:

  • Promote your published research in a professional manner to colleagues, students and to conference attendees
  • Highlight your organisation's achievement via published case studies to associates, clients, or to enhance your promotional mailings

Not an Emerald author? You can still purchase our reprints to assist your in-house training and development, or consultancy services.

"Reprints help build awareness, generate visibility for my firm and my teaching, and serve as an educational tool. I send them to my clients, distribute them to students and use them as teaching tools in industry, corporate and academic workshops"

Helio Fred Garcia, New York University Professor and President Lgos Consulting Group

How to order reprints

You can order reprints through the Copyright Clearance Center's RightsLink® service in four simple steps.

Use our search facility on Emerald Insight to find the article you want:

  • Click on 'Reprints and Permissions'*
  • On the RightsLink®screen click on the drop-down menu, and choose "order standard reprints"
  • Continue through the process and click on "quick price" for a quote.

*If the article you need doesn't have a 'Reprints and Permissions' link, then this might be because the author(s) has retained copyright of the article. In such cases please contact the author(s) of the article directly.

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